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รหัสข้อสอบ : LAPB609136
วิชา : ภาษาต่างประเทศ
ระดับชั้น : ป.6
จำนวน : 10 ข้อ
ชื่อข้อสอบ : English – conversation
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/ O2 E! a4 N/ v! N7 t7 H# T) w# q
1) At the airport Mike: Where areyou from? Jung-Eun: I am from Korea. Mike: What language do you speak?Jung-Eun: I speak _________.
2) In English class, Tom wants togo to the toilet Tom: ________________. Teacher: Yes, you may.
ก.May I help you?
ข.May I goout ,please
ค.Can I go out, please
ง.May I come in ,please
3) Sarah is talking to Lisa Sarah:How old are you? Lisa: I am __ years old. How old are you? Sarah: I am 15 yearsold. Lisa: You are 2 years older than me.
" o" x4 _4 _9 G' t( W6 N/ ~
9 z7 W: s) ~1 l
: Z$ P5 K$ h" h/ u7 z
4) At home Mother: Give me someeggs, please. San: _________.
ก.Yes, you may
ข.It's OK
ค.Here you are
ง.Thank you
5) At school Ploy: What work doesyour father do? Pooh: ____________.
ก.He's a bank manager
ข.He works at the bank
ค.He has got brown hair and black eyes
ง.He's a very kind man
6)At the road Tourist:__________________ Girl: You go straight and turn right.
ก.Which hotelis the best?
ข.Where is thehotel?
ค.Can you help me?
ง.How can I get to the hotel?
7)At school Lookplub: What do youdo in your free time? Lookpear: _____________.
ก.Yes, I do
ข.I watch TV
ค.I don't like to do homework
ง.My sister likes to play computer game
8)At school Namhom: I'm going toParis next week. Namtarn: __________.
ก.Have a good time for your trip
ข.I think so
ค.Thank you
ง.You are lucky
9)Cake: Can you go to the cinemawith me? Coke: When? Cake: tomorrow. Coke: I'm sorry, __________.
ก.I want to go to the cinema
ข.I am hungry
ค.Let's go to the cinema
ง.I have to go to my sister's Wedding tomorrow
10)Baifern: What time is it now?Baitauy: ____________.
ก.It's start at 4.00 pm
ข.It's 6.00 pm
ค.Today is friday
ง.Thank you
, G' E& I9 H+ D6 I" D
, F4 P/ _- |, Y$ V8 f, E

5 ?* Y- {/ _! H6 C) W  L
หรือดาวน์โหลดเป็นไฟล Word5 |% t1 W2 h$ u9 f

! ?0 v& u6 l; S6 w$ ?% V/ v. y  p
- }2 @( u" G0 E7 Nหรือดาวน์โหลดเป็นไฟล Word
$ _. Q4 a3 z8 t8 g: v' p* b ข้อสอบภาษาอังกฤษ ป.6.docx (19.97 KB, ดาวน์โหลดแล้ว: 2) $ z0 D, ^3 }: V( G1 j8 ]4 C
* M; J$ L- L0 N% K( w1 q* B% a$ ~6 J
0 S) [7 a1 Q, _2 l9 B( }# l. m2 b( D
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